** As of January 2023, Nez Perce Tribal News will be online as well as in the QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER! Click "Latest Issue" below to access the current Quarterly Newsletter. **
To the faithful readers of the Nimiipuu Tribal Tribune:
At the end of the 2022 calendar year, the Nimiipuu Tribal Tribune will transition into a solely online outlet titled Nez Perce Tribal News and will be accessible on all major media platforms.
With printing costs continuing to rise and the decline of hard copy subscribers it is in the best interest of the Tribe to make the switch to electronic news. This will allow for more timely news, the ability to cover more content and for other medium options such as video. With this transition, we will also start producing a quarterly hardcopy newsletter that will be mailed to all enrolled tribal members 18 and older.
With this transition, the majority of the tribal membership will have the opportunity to stay up to date with important announcements, news, activities and events in the most effective manner. The Nez Perce Tribe Communications Department will be collaborating closely and with tribal entities, departments and programs to ensure the most accurate and timely information is being distributed. In the event we cannot post flyers at local community buildings and businesses, we strongly encourage friends and family members to reciprocate important information to those who do not have social media.
We are no longer accepting subscriptions to the Nimiipuu Tribal Tribune and will not be working with advertisers after 2022. Readers will be notified closer to the end of the 2022 calendar year with a courtesy reminder note sent in the mail and posted online. Once the Nimiipuu Tribal Tribune ends, hard copies of the newspaper cannot be reprinted. Hard copies of past issues will only be available until that issue has run out. Archives will remain and can be accessed on the Nez Perce Tribe website and can be printed from a regular computer and printer.
Volume 4, Issue 24, released December 21, 2022, will be the last Nimiipuu Tribal Tribune. We would like to send out a huge thank you to all the families and departments, past and present that have supported and continue to support the Nimiipuu Tribal Tribune and the Nez Perce Tribal News. It has been an honor building relationships with our readers and getting to know our communities over the last several years. We look forward to continuing to serve you in this new capacity.
Contact Chantal Ellenwood: 208-621-4807, chantale@nezperce.org
Contact Rachel Ellenwood: 208-798-9626, rachelw@nezperce.org
Alternate email: communications@nezperce.org
View Nimiipuu Tribal Tribune archives: https://nezperce.org/nimiipuu-tribal-tribune-archive/
Nez Perce Tribe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NPT1855
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